Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"My Way" Fried Rice

Fried rice is a very common dish in Malaysia. There are many versions of fried rice and most of them are pretty easy to make. I love to make my own fried rice whenever I got time.

So, malam semalam Ms. Panda dilanda kerajinan dan mulalah merekacipta nasi goreng "My Way". Kali ini, instead of using piles of mushrooms like usual, Ms. Panda guna veggies macam mixed vegetables (campuran corns, diced carrots dan kacang peas) dan juga kacang panjang. Kacang panjang atau dikenali sebagai snake beans/bora/yardlong beans/Chinese long beans ni dikatakan boleh buat angin dalam badan. Tapi, sampai hari ini Ms. Panda ok jer, so I guessed it depend-la dengan badan tukang makannya.

It's fun to add in new flavors to my fried rice. Mushrooms are my favorite, but since my brother didn't like it, I fried it separately.(I mixed it in after removing his portion from the wok) So, here's the recipe:

Young snake beans (Kacang panjang muda) 3 or 4 strings (3 or 4 batang) - finely diced (di potong kecil)
Mixed vegetables (Sayur campur) 1 cup (1 cawan)
Squid (Sotong) 3 medium-sized (3 ekor bersaiz biasa)
Oil (Minyak) -I use vegetable oil
Egg (Telur) 1 egg (Sebiji je)
Shrimp paste (Belacan) 1 or 1/2 teaspoon - depend on how strong you like it (1 atau 1/2 sudu teh)
Bird eye chilli (Cili Padi) 10 or more - depend on how spicy you want it (10 atau lebih)
Garlic (Bawang Putih) 5 small cloves (5 biji)
Bombay Onion (Bawang Bombay/besar) 2 medium-sized (2 saiz medium)
*Cukup Rasa -optional (it's a seasoning)
Salt (Garam) - for taste
Sugar (Gula) - for taste
Ground Black Paper (Lada Hitam dikisar) for taste
and last but not least, don't forget rice (warm/cold) 4 bowls = 4 servings (+-)

Firstly, you blend the items that I underlined above. For those who likes it chunky, just two or three pulses are enough. For others, hot it till it smooth. Don't forget to put in one small bowl of water while you blend (to make it easier for the blender to work).

Translate 1 = Blender bahan-bahan yang digaris di atas. Ms. panda likes it smooth so I blend dia cukup-cukup. Jangan lupa letak air sikit dalam bahan yang nak diblender. Jangan dera blender anda. Lainlah kalau blender mahal yang boleh blend gitu jer.

Next, heat oil and once it's hot enough, pour in the paste you just made and fry it until it's almost cooked. Then, add in the mixed vegetables and diced long beans and cooked until soft. After that, put in salt, sugar and seasoning to taste and once you are sure everything is cooked, put in the rice. Fold and slice the rice with your spatula until it's all cooked and steamy and sprinkle black pepper on it before you turn off the stove.

Translate 2 = Panaskan minyak, masukkan bahan-bahan kisar dan goreng sampai hampir masak. Lepas tu, masukkanlah sayur campur dan kacang panjang dan masak sampai lembut sedikit. Masukkan garam, gula dan perencah bagi menaikkan rasa dan bila semuanya dah masak, masukkan nasi. Gorenglah sampai semua sebati.

There you have it. "My Way" Fried Rice ataupun Nasi Goreng "My Way". Please make sure you have a big wok before you start so you won't spill it out while preparing the fried rice. Oh, since Ms. Panda's brother didn't like mushroom, I took the initiative to remove his portion before adding in the fried mushroom I prepared earlier before I turned off the stove. 

Bahan-bahan kisar tu boleh jadi base untuk mana-mana jenis nasi goreng yang korang nak buat. Sayangnya semalam pasal letih sangat, terlupa nak amik gambar. Nanti lain kali Ms. Panda masak lain dan upload gambarnya. 

Anyway, please feast your eyes on the chilies mussels and other dishes that I have made (and managed to take picture) in past with the help of my mom and sister

Chicken with mexican herbs.

Chilli Mussles

Vegetable soup

They are all simple dishes. I will share the recipe upon request. Everybody can cook. Provided that you have the patience and willing to slave around the stove.

What I used in my cooking were usually things that you can find in typical Malay kitchen. I used my mother's traditional recipe and add in my own from time to time to give new kick to the flavor.

Oh, one more thing. I am not a certified or skilled chef. So, if you found flaws in my method, sorry and cheers! I am still learning, after all.

So, itu sahaja buat update kali ini. Ms. Panda would like to thank all the readers and friends yang banyak beri idea for me to make this blog works. Love you all ketat2. 

Oh, Ramadhan is just around the corner. I am excited to share with you guys the lively pasar/bazaar Ramadhan that never failed to amaze me every year. There are going to be a lot of update on yes, you can guess, FOOD FOOD FOOD!!!

Ok, time to continue with delayed work. Till next time, ya all. Until then, cheers and chillax. ~(o u o ^)~

~Bubble the panda penguin whisperer~

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