Saturday, June 15, 2013

First date - How to fail.

Hi, Ms. Panda is back.

I was browsing around in the internet when I came across this statement in

Allow me to quote it; "Out of the 2.5 million, 60.4% are men, leaving almost 1 million Malaysian women aged 25 and above unmarried."

Being above 25 and unmarried, I felt compelled to read it. True enough, I love to hate what's written there. Some of the facts are actually quite accurate, since I knew people who actually had such a mind-set (termasuklah I sendiri). However, since the article just stopped at "5 real reasons why you are still single", it got me thinking. What could be the other reasons for me to stay single? After some soul-searching, I managed to list a few. Ok, more than a few, but one seemed to top it all.

First date.

I went through several, so to say, failed dating session. However, the most recent one just took the cake. Before I go on, just bear in mind that I am not a relationship or social expert. I just want to share with you about what I considered as failed first date.

So, here goes. First date - How to fail.

1. Be late.

Be as late as you can. Don't even call or text. They don't have to know why you are late. Let them sit there like a fool waiting for you.

Come on, few minutes late is tolerable. It goes for both side; male and female. If it's longer than that, please let the other party know. Call or message if something urgent or completely unexpected happened. It's awkward to be alone and all dressed up, especially in a cafe or restaurant. People often think that we're stood up.

2. Dominate the conversation.

Run your mouth like a train. Don't even pause to breathe if you can help it!

Honestly? Let the other party talk. Have a conversation. Don't be the only person to have all the topics in the world to talk about. If she or he want to have an earful, they can go to a lecture hall. Give them a chance to speak too.

3. Pry on private matters.

Ask about your partner's financial situation, like how many credit cards they have or if they have personal loans. Put them on spot. Don't forget to stare sharply while doing it.

What??? You might be seriously into that person, but prying on their private matters is a no-no. Ask them questions they can answer without feeling pressured. After all, you are having a conversation, not an interrogation.

4. Be a show-off.

Flaunt your money! Show your cards! Sit like you own the restaurant!

Oh, please. This is not some old-time movie. If you have money, don't bother showing it. Personally, it is a turn-off for me. Some people might even feel insulted. Be modest.

5. Cross the line.

Push your partner around. Dude, don't forget to touch anywhere you like. Make her sound like she's easy.

Oh my god! It is the first date. Don't cross the line. Read her body language before you do anything and don't assume. Ask if you need to.

So, there you have it. It actually summed up my recent failed first date. For me, no relationships will work if it start like that. Relationship is like a ship. You need to build it before you can board it. It might take times, but you will see that it worth the wait and the little hard works.

Ok, time to sleep. Till next time, ya all. Until then, cheers and chillax. ~(^ o ^)~

~Bubble the panda penguin whisperer~

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