Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My latest love


I made this blog like donkey years ago but never updated it. Teruk betul kan? I have no excuse but my own laziness and also forgetfulness. 

So, lately i know people went all crazy about K POP and also football and gadgets, but i found myself getting drawn by cute stationary and some other weird items.

Panda Pencil Sharpener

Cute green and white panda sharpener.
I got this one from the stationary shop beside the clinic that i went to last Tuesday. After seeing the doctor because of some medical problems, i went to get a newspaper and immediately saw this! It was love at first sight. 

I was tempted to buy a bunch of it! It was so cheap! Cheap like RM 1.50 cheap. However, since I made a promise not to splurge on things I want, I closed my eyes and chose one. There  are a lot other things I am sure will catch my eyes in future. I need to start saving for that sole purpose. What a goal. :P

Needless to say, sampai sahaja rumah, I immediately look for my pencil box and started sharpening all pencils I have (macam budak kecik). Since my parents were all too familiar with my weirdness, they just let me be. My mom warned me that if i kept buying stuff for collection, I wont have enough space in my room to store them. Hmm...nanti kena minta abah buatkan shelves untuk letak barang-barang ni semua.

Cute printed adhesive tape

Cartoon-printed gift tape

This one I bought from Popular Bookstore about a week ago. I always have a thing for adhesive tape so when I saw this I immediately grabbed it. It cost around RM 2.95. I have used one to wrap a present and it's really cute, especially when you use it on plain colored wrapper.
I especially like the penguin-printed tape. Anything penguin is cute! I mean, what not to love about penguins? They are small and clean. They even walk funny!

Oh, it's not like I am obsessed about penguins. I am actually a cat person. I owned a local breed cat that was never home lately, since I let him out as he like. He came back home only to eat good wet food and they went off with his girlfriends once he was done. 

....That's it. I'm getting myself a penguin!

Yesterday I saw a really cute small bin on a shelf in a gift shop near the restaurant I went to. I will go scout the place today as soon as my work is over. Minta-mintalah ada parking nanti. 

Ah, it's time to continue with work. Till next time. Until then, cheers and chillax. (^ o  ^)v

~Bubble the panda penguin whisperer~

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