Thursday, June 13, 2013

Japanese Food Obsession

I am a self-proclaimed foodie with adventurous taste buds. My recent addiction has been Japanese food - RAMEN! We have few Japanese food outlet around the area where I live in and even though Sushi King is an overused name for most of us, I have to say that here, the ramen is yummy. Ms. Panda like!
Miso Ramen

This Miso Ramen is not really the traditional kind. I watched in documentary/travel channel once that traditionally, the sweet corn was not added.  Only recently/few years back that it came into the menu. Since I never tasted the traditional version, I honestly couldn't compare but I love this version as it is. The chicken used in it, however, was a bit too sweet for my taste but not too much until I couldn't eat it. I finished the whole bowl. Even the veggies!

Spicy Nabe Udon

It's hot and spicy! It didn't straight-forwardly charred my tongue but after a few bites, I had a marathon with the tissue box. My face started to sweat. See the dried tofu used in it? It's a bit sweet too. Still, I cleaned the small wok and didn't regret ordering it. It erased the traces of sweet rice curry I ate last month there. Good!

Fried salmon skin and salmon sushi
The fish was fresh. I had visited another sushi outlet (won't say where) that served dying-looking sushi. It saddened me when people didn't really pay attention to what they were serving their paying customer. Oh, see the glob of wasabi there? It was only a little bit, before I added more. I like to torment myself with a lot of wasabi. Wasabi-maso. heh heh.

The Sushi King Outlet in Kluang Mall, Kluang, Johor has a new face and I love their all black uniform. The service was friendly and good. Since I ate there a lot, even the waiter and waitress knew me by name. I bet they also kept track of what I eat, since they keep recommending things to me everytime I called for an order.

Ah, it's time to get down and finish some work. Till next time, ya all. Until then, cheers and chillax. 
\(^    o    ^)/

~Bubble the panda penguin whisperer~

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