Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby...Baby...Baby ohhhh

I have an announcement to make ya all. I am expecting! la...It's my sister. She's at her 36th week and by next month, Ms. Panda will be an auntie! for the 4th time. ^^ Mak Cik Panda....eee...tuanya  bunyik itu.

It's my sister's first child so macam biasalah, grandma dia yang lebey2 skit. Auntie dia pun adela sikit2. Al-maklumlah, first anak sedara from my only busyuk masam sister. Mmg jd spoiled child la budak tu kalau dibiarkan ngan Ms. Panda. I am really close with my sister. OF course la bias sikit. nyeh,nyeh nyeh.

This is in my bucketlist when Aisy'(bakal anak sedara) arrived

Hehehe...x sabarnyeee...

Nanti dah deliver, I'll post her piccy here, kay?

Till next time, ya all. Until then, cheers and cillax (^^)/

~Bubble, the panda penguin whisperer~

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